For Brian CIC enables people with dementia and their families and friends to take part in a wide range of activities for brain health, helping to address some of the challenges that make some everyday activities and some out of the ordinary experiences out of reach. 

For Brian designs activities that are inclusive, sensitive to age differences, involve family and friends, can be interesting across generations, and pay attention to the dependencies that arise in the communities that form around its activities. Problem solving access to activities and events of interest and/or existing activities in the local community makes efficient use of resources, increases circles of support, and enables a good life with dementia, embedded in both the local community and the community of people that is For Brian.

Transport can be difficult. How can we help people enjoy getting there too? Active travel can form part of any activity or be an activity for brain health in itself. The award winning Positive Spin and Ride Side by Side is delivered through our partnership with Bikeworks