For Brian CIC and Bikeworks are launching Positive Spin, a UK wide cycling club for people living with dementia on 9th August 2023 in central London. A fundraising campaign will be initiated soon for the co-production of exciting, interesting events and short breaks in different parts of the UK with people with dementia and their families and friends. Our three patrons all have a diagnosis of dementia, and will be fundraising for the launch.

Cycling is a great form of non weight bearing exercise accessible for all through the wide range of cycles at bikeworks. Mobility and independence is enhanced for all, which is particularly pertinent for people with dementia. Neurological movement disorders are not a barrier to cycling which relies on procedural rather than voluntary control of movement. People in wheelchairs can also experience 'the wind in their hair', and take part in a social activity in the community.

This video of a gentleman with Parkinson's Disease triggered the idea to run the early pilot studies of Positive Spin in Hackney. the success of these projects led to setting up For Brian CIC to address the issue of funding being time limited and inconsistent. People with dementia and those in a caring role need consistency and reliability. Making a weekly commitment leads to enormous disappointment when funding runs out. For Brian's partnership with Bikeworks, and in particular their All Ability Cycling Hub in Little Wormwood Scrubs in west London has made the original vision a real and exciting possibility. 

Positive Spin in Hackney

Positive Spin Picnic, Hackney

The Olympic Park, a great place to visit and see by cycle:

Peter Berry (Patron of For Brian) & Wendy Mitchell

Teresa Davies (Patron)

Teresa Davies getting cool ..

Taking a break