Athos the Dancing Horse

Athos the Dancing Horse delights socially isolated people and residents at large. One of our range of regular dementia, age & disability friendly events in the locality Read more

Peer support in Merton & Wandsworth

Connecting people with young onset dementia and enabling participation in activity for brain health. Contact for Brian for more information. Read more

Yoga for brain health

As a result of Covid-19, yoga is currently provided as a 1-1 intervention in an individual's home environment Contact For Brian for more information Read more

Bikeworks All Ability Cycling Hub and Ride Side by Side

Every Friday from 10am. Meet other people, try the different cycles, feel the joy and freedom of cycling in the park. Cycling instruction and on road training can be arranged. Contact For Brian for more information and we will meet you there. Read more

Dementia & family friendly Street Parties

Inclusive events in the community and doorstep interventions to bring wellbeing to isolated people. Live band, Dr Bike, Doorstep Library, and more ... Contact For Brian for more information Read more