The Mountains I Still Climb

You come to see me
But you don’t see me,
We have a conversation
But you don’t hear me
And I’ve been thinking
If you don’t hear me
How you gonna know what I’m thinking

Your eyes fixed on me
Sometimes you smile
I always smile
And I wonder if you know why
But If you don’t hear me
When I’m speaking
How you gonna know what I’m thinking

And if you can’t hear me
When I’m calling
How you gonna know
That I’m falling

And though I no longer
Dance beneath quiet skies
Nor run across open fields
I wonder if you’d believe
The mountains I still climb

Dementia diaries take one, New Year’s Eve 2018.

I am Still Climbing Mountains 

Paul Hitchmough has produced this song called 'I'm Still Climbing Mountains' featuring Ron Amanze on behalf of thred CIC. This is to raise money to fund the work and equipment required to help people with dementia and their carers to connect digitally through

1) Buying tablets

2) Developing an easy to use training session produced by people with dementia

3) Potentially developing an easy to use app 

4) Setting up a digital peer support network.

You can donate here

And visit Thred's website here: