YogiYoga, Allfarthing Lane, Wandsworth on the 4th Thursday of the month at 2pm

An ideal venue due to its small size, light, calm, and peaceful ambience.

The focus is on slow, mindful, easeful postures and movement to promote neuroplasticity. Importance is placed on the wellbeing achieved through familiarity with the space, and social contact with other participants.

The group can accommodate a maximum of 8 participants, a mixture of people living with cognitive impairment and their support networks.

Yoga practitioners and other movement therapists are welcomed to gain experience in working with this community through taking part in the class and the opportunity to talk about their own work, or intentions to work in this area, in a local cafe afterwards.

Clare Morris, psychotherapist, yoga teacher, For Brian CIC (www.forbrian.co) has over 30 years experience working therapeutically with people living with dementia and their support networks, and has been delivering inclusive yoga for people living with dementia of all ages for 6 years, both in classes and one to one. 

This monthly class takes place on the 4th Thursday of the month from 2 to 3pm

Cost is £12 per class (or on application as part of a package of activity)

Initial booking is essential. 

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