Activity for brain health is something that covers anything we might do in life. There are some things that might nurture our brain health more than others, as they involve more parts of the brain at the same time than others.

For example

  • Socialising is very important for brain health. Laughter, making connections, sharing, reminiscing, choosing, debating, noticing similarities and differences ... all these activities are part of human interactions and practicing them makes us better at them. Animals can have a very important role in facilitating social interaction with therapeutic benefits.

  • Finding a physical activity that we enjoy is vital. Stress and fatigue do not facilitate neuroplasiticity. Cycling, yoga, dance are very good for us, but not if we hate every moment of it. Repetition is central to neuroplasticity and therefore rehabilitation. We are familiar with the term 'practice makes perfect', but maybe this is misleading. We are not looking for perfection or a performance but to use, reuse and develop neural pathways that enable us to do, and enjoy, the things that matter to us.

  • Good breathing has a very important impact on our physiology, in fact it is the only part of our autonomic nervous system we can control voluntarily. Efficient relaxed breathing reduces blood pressure and calms us, increases the amount of oxygen received in the brain and the rest of the body. Developing its capacity deserves regular attention, several times a day.

  • Learning a new skill is something that brings health and well being throughout life. Learning to draw and creating through art, music, cooking, knitting, cycling, dancing  playing an instrument ....

And lets not forget the benefits of enjoying the outdoors ....

Is it Nice Outside?