Bespoke One to One Interventions for people living with dementia

Group activities don't suit everyone, and for some people it can be helpful to try a range of activities and therapies to bring about wellbeing, quality of life, and better understanding and management of the wide range of symptoms that can be experienced by people with a dementia. Yoga, shiatsu, counselling, speech & language therapy, and finding a path through services offered by the NHS or Social Services, to name but a few ways For Brian can support you.

For Brian CIC  applies the principles of enabling neuroplasticity to bring wellbeing and neurological rehabilitation for people living with dementia who rarely have access to rehabilitation services. We have ideas to share, and some services we deliver regularly, which may or may not suit you. Where there is a will there is a way, so we will listen and find small things that make a significant difference. Things change and bespoke interventions change alongside, through our partnership with you.


A regular yoga routine improves mobility and relationship

Rehabilitation through yoga involves developing close attention to sensation in the body, and repetition of movements in slow and gentle manner to enable neuroplasticity, improved flexibility and coordination.  Neuroplasticity takes place in everyone throughout life, but only where skills are repeatedly used and practiced, and are done so in a way that is enjoyable, that engages the person actively in the process, and manages an individual's energy levels in order to avoid fatigue. Focusing on being ‘in the moment’ has been shown to reduce anxiety, depression, and stress, which are common symptoms for people living with cognitive impairment. Watch the video of

Yoga with Tony 

Yoga with Claudia

How yoga can promote therapeutic relationships