On Peer Support 
“I didn’t realise he was so lonely. Cycling, yoga, more parties with a purpose, and a leader to organise them". 


"This is a floating island with a ladder reaching for the skies.
They are unsupported, and we are making something out of very little.
I am expecting it to fall down. Someone should be holding the ladder because otherwise it WILL fall down.
If there was a brick wall there it would be supported”  

On Positive Spin

“A game changer. I didn't want to come, but it's great to be able to cycle and socialise in a relaxed way. In the side by side cycles there is no pressure to pedal, so you don't over do it" 

Happy on a Bike: a poem about participating in Positive Spin by Jim Horton

Yoga for Brain Health 

“It makes me feel peaceful and free" 
“Taking time out of everyday life to be creative. Feelings may only be temporary but I feel better for having them” 

Equine Therapy
"I have never been so close to a horse" 

One to One Intervention

“There needs to be an acknowledgement that group activities don’t suit everyone. We need regular therapeutic input for advanced dementia at home. Positive Spin is a brilliant concept but the effort in getting there outweighs what he is able to do now.

Yoga is really helpful - it’s so important to keep him as flexible as can be, both for his sense of self and his health & wellbeing. His mobility has improved and he is more confident on the stairs. He maintains some of the range of movement outside the sessions. He shows greater independence in his movements, sitting and standing by choice rather than waiting to be moved.

The key to the success of this has been that the sessions have been one on one. Tony would have not responded in a group setting”