On For Brian

“Dementia is a very variable condition, not just clinically, but in the way that affected individuals and their families respond to it. The best forms of support will be those, like For Brian, that offer a plurality of choices, and where people living with the condition can design a programme around their own needs"
Dr Jeremy Isaacs, Neurologist.
“‘For Brian CIC’ is realistic, achievable and sustainable, and is special in that it involves collaboration and partnership in the broadest sense of co-production, with contributions from other skilled professionals, as well as from people living with dementia themselves and with family carers. This looks to be a major new venture to support a group (those under 65 who have dementia) who have so few appropriate services available for them. This will offer activities and evidence based therapeutic activities for people living with dementia, and information, advice and support for their families. For Brian offers hope.”
David Bell, Admiral Nurse
“Praise for Positive Spin! As a dementia advisor I must admit to having been somewhat sceptical about the idea of Positive Spin - cycles and people with dementia not immediately striking me as a happy combination. I am however now a convert! A week after having his first go on a bike through Positive Spin, I met with Granville. He was accompanied by his daughter. Granville is a lovely man, quiet and contained, who doesn't often join in conversation and rarely initiates it. But when his daughter mentioned the bike ride, Granville's face lit up, and he interrupted her to tell me about how when he was a boy he had ridden from end to end of the island of Barbados. Granville was clearly delighted about being able to get back on wheels and it was great to learn of an aspect of his growing up that we had not heard before. Positive Spin really does tick all the boxes!”
Claire Wheeler, Alzheimer's Society