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Wormwood Scrubs Pony Centre

Group and individual experiences with horses and donkeys. Walking around the stable yard and meeting those who care for the horses are all wonderful experiences in themselves. The following are just some of the inclusive, therapeuitc interventions with hosrses provided by Mary Joy Langdon in London. There are other facilities around the UK near you.

  1. Live demonstrations and interactive discussion about a horse.

  2. Having the experience of BEING WITH one of the horses/ donkeys During this time the client will have the opportunity of touching & feeling the animal, which can lead on to grooming the animal and communicating by voice or body language.

  3. Leading the horse/donkey. This will give the client the opportunity of exercising spatial awareness and navigational skills in a controlled environment. The activity would commence in the indoor arena but can progress outside on the Pony Centre’s tracks progressing to being out in the open of the Wormwood Scrubs Park.
    The leading session may involve following a set course, or may involve making choices & decisions as to the direction & route to be taken. In addition opportunity can be given to developing coordination eg. opening a gate, leading the horse through & shutting the gate.
  1. Painting the horse. Paint on the side of a real horse, either using their fingers/hands, a sponge or a paint brush. The paint is safe and sourced from the Early Learning shop. Telling a story of their painting or the experience of painting on a real horse is then facilitated.

  2. Dance with a horse. Using music/song that is meaningful and known to the individual. Dancing is not a riding activity but done ‘in hand’, and is a very enjoyable experience.

  3. A mounted session on a mechanical horse provides the opportunity of riding at walk, trot & canter in a very safe environment. Learn to guide & stop the horse and avoid obstacles such as trees. There are several settings on the mechanical horse such as a ride in the park which can been seen on a large screen in front of the horse. A great opportunity as a one off experience or on a regular basis to help with general fitness, core strength & coordination for people weighing less than 15st or 95.Kg

  4. Riding lessons in the indoor school

  5. Riding in the park

Sessions are one hour for up to 2 activities per session.

The cost for one session for an individual is £80

The cost for a shared session for 2 people is £140

Clothing It is advised that comfortable stretchy trousers are worn. A top suitable for the weather Walking boots/shoes Riding helmet must be worn whilst in the stable yard or when handling a horse/pony/donkey. Helmets can be borrowed from the centre.

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