The Community Art Space is an evolving project. It occupies two unused windows on the two corner shops, one of which is used for storage. The shop owners have kindly donated the space for the community, a project which not only makes the area look better, but is providing a focus for co-production between residents of all ages.

The pictures below show the space before and after the changes:

The first exhibition was opened by the borough's new young mayor on the 1st October. She presented certificates to all the photographers, ranging in age from 8 to over 60 years. All the images were taken in this unique part of London.

The second exhibition features images of the area in the snow this winter, and was put up in the dark! The mechanism of creating an exhibition space that is both waterproof and can display new exhibitions has been very challenging! We like the homely look ....

The images are all by local residents:

Main image Julian Gregory

Smaller images: Julian Gregory


Margot Wildman


Dione Simpson


Margot Wildman




Wellbeing Unlocked

Old Oak Lumiere

Street Parties