"Cycling is the glue which holds my memories together. I believe that cycling – or any exercise – is key to living well with dementia.  Keeping the bit below our eyebrows healthy is crucial in keeping the bit above our eyebrows healthy! I am really happy to be a patron for For Brian CIC because it is an organisation which endorses my own views on the importance of exercise.  When I cycle I have a great sense of achievement and it keeps me independent and healthy. 

When I go out cycling, I leave my dementia monster at home and I become Peter, the cyclist and not Peter, the man with dementia.    If For Brian helps others living with dementia to escape their own personal dementia monsters, then I am happy to support it!"        Peter Berry 2020

Dementia diarist

Peter's Story


Slow Puncture: Living Well With Dementia Paperback – 28 Sept. 2020

Walk With Me: Musings Through The Dementia Fog Paperback – 18 Dec. 2021

Photographs by Charmian Berry