Accessing & Appreciating Nature on our doorstep

For Brian runs dementia inclusive streetparties, parades and doorstep interventions in Old Oak,  Parades around the centre of the estate and outings on the scrubs. 

Regular features are:

  • the ponies and donkeys from Wormwood Scrubs Pony Centre (doing great work with people with special needs, providing work experience and employment for young people)
  • TFI Britpop with a live set
  • DJ Boardy playing great music
  • Bikeworks Ride Side by Side Cycle taxi.

These events began during lockdown to mitigate the effects of lockdown for socially isolated people and people living with dementia and their families. The tradition continues to build cohesion and resilience as regeneration takes place around the area.

For Brian's mission is dementia inclusive activity for brain health, in particular to tempt people outdoors to enjoy and benefit from the opportunities in this small community. Individuals are connected to others, and introduced to other creative projects in the borough.

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